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Learning Without Limits

At Westcliff School we strive to provide a quality education in a caring environment. We believe that there are no limits to how much a child can learn given quality teaching and positive personal support. It is an essential part of our ethos that children are individuals and as such need opportunities to feel success and challenge throughout a range of learning opportunities. We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to support children’s learning and that as a school we want to fully include parents and the local community in the life of the school.

We offer a happy, enjoyable and successful place of learning where your child is encouraged to show independence and develop maximum use of their abilities.

We want children to have a good self image which gives them confidence to learn so that they develop skills which will enable them to make positive life choices.

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January 5, 2015

Spring Term Begins

January 6, 2015


February 16, 2015


February 17, 2015


February 18, 2015


February 19, 2015


February 20, 2015

Last Day of Spring Term

March 27, 2015


April 13, 2015

First Day of Summer Term

April 14, 2015

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